Hey, I'm Sarah

You can call me Cell

My Name is Sarah G. Eisa. born and raised in Egypt A software Engineer with a knack for UI Design. I use my problem solving skills and grit to make an impact and innovate life.
I love discovering everything about tech from frontend to AI

Also I have an incredible taste in music & movies


A cross-platform app to help people find trusted sustainable alternatives powered by community reviews for daily used products, track their progress towards a zero-waste lifestyle, and have a like-minded sustainable community.


A smart shopping list that predicts what you're buying next & creates your shopping list for you so you don't ever forget what to buy

Form Builder

A Drag & Drop form builder to make easier for doctors to build mUzima forms


An Image Repository to share images (under construction).

Kanban Board

Full-stack web app to organize your tasks in a kanban board

Yelp Camp

Full-stack web app for campground nerds

Jan 2021 - Mar 2021 | Remote

Software Engineer Intern

Digital Product School by UnternehmerTUM

Working in a cross-functional cross-cultural team of 5 in an Agile environment and following the concepts of Design Thinking, User-testing and Scrum framework.

Oct 2020 – Nov 2020 | remote

Software Engineer

The Collab Lab Program

Participated in Oct-Nov cohort in TCL programming

Collaborated with a team of developers following Agile methodologies to create a smart shopping list app using React, Firebase, and Netlify.

Demonstrated strong collaboration skills such as pair programming, PRs, code reviews and presenting demos.

Mar 2020 - Jun 2020 | Remote

Data Science in Python Scholar

Dataquest Scholarship

Learned the fundamentals of data science such as data cleaning, data analysis, and data visualization.

Dec 2019 – Mar 2020 | remote

Software Engineer Intern

Outreachy by Software Freedom Conservancy

Participated in Dec-Mar cohort of Outreachy internships

Worked as an open-source contributor on mUzima's project (Drag & Drop form builder web app) using Angular2

collaborated with mUzima team to determine the best solution to make it easy for doctors to create custom muzima forms.

Aug 2019 - Dec 2019 | Remote

Artificial Intelligence Scholarship


Learned the fundamentals of Machine learning such as neural network, CNN, and RNN.

Jul 2019 - Sep 2019 | Remote

Mobile Web Specialist Nanodegree


Learned about creating Progressive Web Apps (PWA) that are offline capable, fully responsive, accessible and well performant

Sep 2016 - Jul 2019 | Egypt

Bs. Computer Science

Menofia University

Working on Alter app with Vierless team (a very promising startup)
Learning Next.js
Reading Clean Code By uncle Bob
Reading atomic habits
Relaxing & Breathing or Eating pizza

& I'm looking for
a new adventure

I'm looking for an adventure overseas (aka a job) I'd love to join a team who helps in making people's lives Easier & Fancier using tech solutions
I don't mind the tools I can learn

Wanna talk? I'm on twitter & I read emails